Segera Terbit: “Beware Worn Down by Time”

Judul : “Beware Worn Down by Time”

Ukuran: 15 x 23 cm

Tebal : 288 halaman


In carrying out his mandate as the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko «Jokowi» Widodo has faced various challenges that have hit this country, such as polarization due to general elections, declining economic growth, to a declining level of public trust in the government. One by one, various problems were resolved, especially in order to welcome Indonesia as a developed and prosperous country, namely by building infrastructure, nationalizing important state assets, downstreaming industry, digital transformation, managing demographic bonuses, promoting culture, and so on. This is expected to be able to lay an important foundation in order to reach Indonesia according to the mandate of the 1945 Constitution and Pancasila.

This book was compiled based on a collection of speeches, remarks, messages and dialogues by President Jokowi delivered at official and state events, both at home and abroad, during the 2014–2023 period. As a reference for stakeholders to follow up on government policies, these various state events are embodied in records complete with data and facts regarding implementation and results that have been achieved. According to President Jokowi›s introduction in this book:

This book is not solely about me. This book is about us. About all of us who live and grow in our beloved Motherland. This book describes a nation that is shoulder to shoulder to catch up, and continues to run towards its goals. Work hard to create a developed and prosperous country, by working together to face various challenges.