Segera Terbit: Pondering Issues in a World Full of Risks and Uncertainties IN A WORLD FULL OF RISKS AND UNCERTAINTIES

Judul : Pondering Issues in a World Full of Risks and Uncertainties

In a world full of risks and uncertainties

Penulis : Soedradjad Djiwandono

Ukuran: 14 x 21 cm

Tebal : 224 halaman

This book containing a collection of writings by J. Soedradjad Djiwandono comes in the right situation. The world is currently facing economic challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic and then the Ukraine-Russia War. One of the problems faced by many countries is high inflation.

These writings portray what are the challenges and opportunities for us together in living in a world that continues to experience ups and downs. The issues discussed are both current conditions and important issues that we have faced. However, what Soedradjad says is interesting and relevant, explaining clearly the things behind important economic and financial events in the country and the international situation.

With a popular writing style, Soedradjad is able to explain the problem, offer solutions, and of course, give his opinion on a phenomenon that is happening or has happened. The combination of academia and practice makes these writings rich, rational, and theoretically sound. Although sometimes it seems cautious, the point of view is basically sharp.

This book helps us better understand the global and domestic financial and economic situation, understand the dilemmas faced by governments in making the best decisions among various constraints, and be able to anticipate changes that will occur.